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Troy surrenders 34 points to league’s worst offense


Coming into Saturday’s game against Troy, Florida Atlantic’s offense had been abysmal. Take a look at Saturday’s numbers…

Scoring: 16.1 ppg (10th Sun belt) – 34 vs. Troy

Total Offense: 312.9 (10th) – 421 vs. Troy

Rushing Offense: 120.6 ypg (10th) – 160 vs. Troy

Passing Offense: 192.3 ypg (9th) – 261 vs. Troy

And the biggest stat of the night, Troy led 27-26 with 1:49 left in the game and FAU, 1-6 FAU, shredded the Trojans defense like a wet paper bag in a blender. The Owls and their potent 111th nationaly ranked offense rammed the ball 74 yards without any resistance from the opposing team. Touchdown, FAU wins, Troy bowl hopes vaporized?

There are two things that looked certain. Corey Robinson did not look good (Deon Anthony threw the ball just three times) and the defense doesn’t appear to have a clue.

Troy can only hope to pull out wins over two of the final four quality teams they play (Tennessee, Navy, Arkansas State, Middle Tennessee). A win, that could have put the Trojans in great position for a bowl game, was snatched by a far inferior team with a great game plan.


Author: Wes Johnson

Sports Editor - The (Troy) Messenger Troy, Alabama Covering Troy University athletics

2 thoughts on “Troy surrenders 34 points to league’s worst offense

  1. Unbelievable. Depth and good skill on defense, and they cant even stop one of the nations worst offenses. At what point does a coaching change need to happen? Whether that be the defensive coordinator or anyone else. And it is an absolute shame that Deon Anthony wasnt utilized enough throughout the game, especially when it was apparent that Corey Robinson was struggling. I’m worried about the future of this program.

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