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Blakeney: ‘I have no answers’


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While Troy obviously has no answers on the field for the team’s defensive issues, head coach Larry Blakeney doesn’t have any answers off the field either. It appears the only thing that can make this group better is a new group altogether.

“We’ve certainly got to address some of our woes over there (on defense). Probably, we’ll have to address them in recruiting. We have to continue to recruit people that can play over there.”

“We won’t be able to close the deal on a quality offense until we get better on defense. I’ve got no answers. I’m just hoping that we’ll rectify some of those issues in the near future.”

Amidst the uproar after last week’s loss to Florida Atlantic, in which the defense allowed 421 yards to the Sun Belt’s most anemic offense, Blakeney defended his coaches, but also accepted responsibility.

“Everybody is going to say ‘fire my coaches’. We’re 4-5 now after this loss, everybody wants me to fire the coaches. Hey, I’ve been in the room with the coaches, I know what they do. I don’t think we’re dumb on defense. Them getting the signals, getting lined up and taking care of their responsibility. We’ve got to take a little bit of that blame. I don’t think we’re quite to the talent level we’ve been on defense.”

Troy allowed 718 total yards to Tennessee, the most the Trojans have ever allowed in a football game. The most prior to Saturday’s game was when Tim Tebow led the Florida Gators to 663 yards in 2009.


Author: Wes Johnson

Sports Editor - The (Troy) Messenger Troy, Alabama Covering Troy University athletics

3 thoughts on “Blakeney: ‘I have no answers’

  1. I have an answer.

  2. When your offense puts up 48 points and you still loose, then the problems with the team are not with the offensive side of things. This is and should not be a moral victory with a weak Tennessee team, we had opportunities to win and we let them back in the game in the end! Go Job Offensive players & coaches. Just wish I could say the same for the team as a whole. Defense allowed 55 points!?!

  3. Please Let Rowell go…

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