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VIDEO: Eric Thomas highlights

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Troy junior wide receiver Eric Thomas has made some amazing catches in his time with the Trojans. Here are three of his best:

We’ve talked to Thomas on a couple of occasions about his highlight reel grabs. He told us after the Western Kentucky catch in October that he practices one-handed catches when coaches aren’t looking. If you’ve never seen Thomas in person his hands are huge, so it isn’t a surprise that he can pick a football out of midair.

“I think I can’t get two hands up, so I just throw one up and it sticks to my glove, and I just catch it. Sometimes, I feel better catching with one. I don’t know why,” he said. “I’ve got some big hands. Just spread them out as wide as I can and hold on to it as tight as I can.”

On Monday, Thomas talked particularly about last week’s catch at Tennessee.

“It’s not really hard. Corey just threw it. The ball was coming pretty fast, too. I thought I wasn’t going to get to it. I just stuck my hand up, and I just caught it.”

Thomas has 44 receptions for 521 yards and six touchdowns this season.


Author: Wes Johnson

Sports Editor - The (Troy) Messenger Troy, Alabama Covering Troy University athletics

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