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Blakeney: ‘If you’re going to be a Division I football program, you’ve got to invest in it’

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Here is more of Troy head coach Larry Blakeney’s mini-rant in the post game press conference following the Trojans 41-34 loss to Arkansas State on Saturday.

Blakeney was asked about the Ark State fumble at the end of the game. The official came out of the pile (after a good minute or two of digging around) and said #16 had recovered the ball. A high-res video taken in the end zone behind the Arkansas State offense showed the ball hitting the ground around the feet of the left guard and tackle. #16, Ryan Aplin, was third or fourth into the pile.

Blakeney: “They dug around there for a while and let everyone pull on it. Some of the people in the box said our guy put their hands on it first and he’s the same guy that came out with it, Lucas #93. They didn’t tell me nothing. Like most of the night, I didn’t get told anything.”

Another question about the game was asked. Even though Blakeney didn’t answer the question that was asked, he let us know what was on his mind.

Blakeney: “Let me say this again. We’re a little better. Right? Did I say that before? We are a little bit better folks, but we ain’t a championship team yet. We’re trying to get there. Through this game tonight and next week, recruiting and offseason, we may get there.

“You’ve got to continue to grow or you will go backwards.” – Larry Blakeney

A lot depends on what happens right out here in this end zone. That’s something we’ve got to do. You’ve got to invest in football. If you’re going to be a Division I football program, you got to invest in it. I mean money too, I don’t mean time. We’re putting a lot of time into it. You’ve got to continue to grow or you will go backwards. You’ve heard that little cliché all your life: If you’re not working somebody else is; if you’re not getting better, somebody is; if you’re not growing your program, somebody is.”

HERE is the article I wrote on the north end zone project. Blakeney had some opinions in that article as well.


Author: Wes Johnson

Sports Editor - The (Troy) Messenger Troy, Alabama Covering Troy University athletics

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