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Sun Belt Conference suspends Terry, Trawick two quarters for unnecessary roughness


In a move that is sure to be controversial among football purist, the Sun Belt Conference has suspended Troy linebacker De’Von Terry and safety Brynden Trawick for the first half of the Trojans game against Middle Tennessee State on Saturday for the physical hits made in the Arkansas State game last week.

Arkansas State defensive back Don Jones also received a two quarter suspension after he was ejected in the game for a personal foul against Troy receiver K.D. Edenfield, in which Jones slammed Edenfield to the ground.


NEW ORLEANS – The Sun Belt Conference has suspended two Troy University football players for a half game each following their actions in this past Saturday’s game against Arkansas State.

Devon Terry and Brynden Trawick will both be suspended for a half game in Troy’s upcoming game at Middle Tennessee on November 24.

Terry was penalized for “unnecessary roughness” in a situation where he made a high hit to the head and neck area of an opposing player.  Trawick, meanwhile, was penalized for a “hit on a defenseless receiver” in which he made contact at the head and neck of an opposing player.

Though neither player was ejected from the game, both plays were subject to a postgame review based on the he NCAA Football Playing Rules Book which states that “when there is a foul called for initiating contact/targeting an opponent (Rules 9-1-3 and 9-1-4) that does not result in a player disqualification, there shall automatically be a video review by the conference for possible additional sanctions before the next scheduled game.”

Video of the play from multiple camera angles was reviewed Monday, November 19 by the Sun Belt Conference, NCAA National Coordinator of Officials and Secretary-Rules Editor Rogers Redding, as well as an additional panel of coordinators of officials.  The findings of the reviews were that both plays were indeed “targeting” fouls and that additional penalties needed to be assessed.

Troy University officials were notified on Monday that a review was in place regarding these penalties.  They were then notified on Tuesday that each player would be suspended one half game.

HERE is the story I wrote on player safety rules as they relate to Troy.

HERE is some video reaction to the calls that were made on Saturday against Arkansas State.

The Sun Belt Conference suspended Troy center Kyle Wilborn on Oct. 16. HERE is that release.

List of Sun Belt players suspended for various reasons this season:

WKU – Jonathan Dowling (Sept. 24)

WKU – Tyree Robinson (Nov. 13)

Ark St – Qushaun Lee (Sept. 26)

Ark St – Don Jones (Nov. 21)

Troy – Kyle Wilborn (Oct. 16)

Troy – De’Von Terry (Nov. 21)

Troy – Brynden Trawick (Nov. 21)

ULL – Justin Hamilton (Sept. 12)


NEW ORLEANS – The Sun Belt Conference announced today that Arkansas State University’s Don Jones has been suspended for the first half of the Red Wolves upcoming football game on Saturday, December 1 against Middle Tennessee.

Jones was ejected from the ASU game against Troy University on Saturday, November 17 for a flagrant personal foul. Sun Belt Conference bylaws state that “any coach or student-athlete ejected from a contest shall be suspended for a minimum of one contest” and that “the suspension shall be served during the institution’s next contest.”

ASU did appeal the suspension and based on the fact that Jones was ejected in the first quarter (and thus has already sat out three quarters), the suspension was lessened to one half game.


Author: Wes Johnson

Sports Editor - The (Troy) Messenger Troy, Alabama Covering Troy University athletics

4 thoughts on “Sun Belt Conference suspends Terry, Trawick two quarters for unnecessary roughness

  1. The second dude left his feet and launched himself head first. That was deserving of a suspension under the current rules

    • It’s football; not “pussyfoot” ball. Not for the feight of heart. If Karl Benton keeps making these rules and enforcing this way, might as well be ragtag football. I’ll go elsewhere for football, not a Troy Alum here. Becoming “Not” a Sunbelt fan also.

      Sunbelt Conf Badminton anyone???

      Gus King
      Troy AL

  2. People are saying that The Sunbelt is trying to set up a true championship between Middle TN and ASU. However, this seems a little more sinister than that scenario. It is rumored that Jack Hawkins and Larry Blakeney haven’t seen eye to eye for some time, Hawkins hired a new AD this year rumored to be aginst the Trustee’s vote at Troy, Hawkins is the President of The Sunbelt, also the new AD has made several changes to the way Troy’s football progam is being ran. So it is my opinion that Jack Hawkins might be sabotaging Blakeney’s career at Troy to force him into resigning….just a thought. If this were to be true shame on you Dr. Hawkins because you aren’t just hurting Coach Blakeney, you are also hurting a bunch of young men that have put blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears into thier football careers.

  3. Larry Blakeney CANNOT coach Division 1 Football. Everyone, well all you old timers are hanging your hats on the past championship he won in DIVISION III but he’s in the big leagues now! That means “Jack” Shit. Only reason he’s still here is because Hawkins wife likes him as a person, and you know how the good ol boy system works, right? We’re missing out on major money and talent keeping Blakeney around to keep on sucking. Let’s move on people, get a good head coach like Western Kentucky just got by the grace of Arkansas and their policy that had them let go of Bobby Petrino orrrrrr how Arkansas State had current Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzon at their head last year. ITs just BUSINESS! Winning PAYS!

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